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Yevon's week 3, springtime - Diving around Baaj Temple

Well after we found the guy we couldn't just leave him there, although Brother wanted to. Selfish git! Anyhow, it became my task to knock the lad down to make sure he wouldn't be a problem... And in the next day I had to translate Al Bhed to him, to tell him that Brother wanted him to help on our dive. I tell you, I don't know what Brother would do without me! I mean.. he could at least TRY to learn Spiran...

But he won't, he says the Spira girls aren't pretty so why bother ? Sigh... Girls is all Brother, Buddy, Gippal and the other lads think about nowadays...

Me and Tidus - the guy - dove together because that sissy brother of mine wouldn't risk going into an abandoned machina with a stranger in tow... But the stinker was more than eager to risk my hide...

Turns out Tidus was really helpful and we even got to revive the old sunken ship's power source. Dad was all excited when Brother and I told him the details! He thinks that maybe we can get that ship to work again. That would be cool, the thing is huge!!!

Anyhow, I gotta go now, cause no one bothered to feed the guy - Tidus - so the poor lad must be starving. He is kinda cute so I don't mind doing waitress duty. This time!

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Final Fantasy X was going to have an online add on

be allotting itself extra time to refine the massive project at each stage.


Final Fantasy X is still officially on track for Japanese release by the end of March; however, its PlayOnline functionality will not become operable until fall next year. Final Fantasy XI has been given a new official rescheduling for spring 2002, and will fully incorporate the PlayOnline network; the extra development time will be used for testing PlayOnline. More on each of these highly anticipated RPGs is available in RPGamer's Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI coverage.

Square Looks Ahead

Final Fantasy X Not Online-Capable

Square has released a good bit of information concerning its plans for its upcoming games. Most notable is the news that Final Fantasy X, the first in the long-running Final Fantasy series to appear on the PlayStation 2, will not feature online capability as previously expected. Instead, Final Fantasy X will be a completely self-contained title as previous chapters in the series have been. This should not, however, affect the development of Final Fantasy XI, which will be an exclusively online game.

However, more closely tied to Final Fantasy XI was the announcement that Square's PlayOnline service, which will provide online access for Final Fantasy XI among other Internet-related services, will be ready later than anticipated. The revised schedule for PlayOnline calls for testing to begin this coming March, with the full roll-out of the PlayOnline service sometime between winter 2001 and spring 2002.

Possible Relationship between FFX and FFXIII - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums

Originally Posted by SephiRave:
well,i do see some vague similarities between FFX and FFXIII in my opinion when i first saw the trailer(though the information is still not enough to confirm this).Is Kazushige Nojima planning to relate to FFX?

1)The canyon with the train crossing it
It just gives me a feeling of the path going to Macalania Temple in FFX

2)The soldiers which is fought by the female main character
They look like Bevelle Guards...except for their revamped costumes
3)The scene where the female character is fighting a bunch of soldiers and canines like "dingo" from FFX
The scene actually looked like bevelle's highbridge
4)Some remaining crystals in the forest
Perhaps this is macalania woods a thousand years later?(In FFX-2 the woods started to lose its crystals and turned to ordinary forest)
5)A final scene where female main character points her gunblade at a robot i think
The scene looks like Bevelle Underground......

Note that the story might not take place in the time frame of Spira,but maybe 1000 years later ? (Sin is dead......,Summoners,Sphere Hunters are no more.........then comes Crystal Hunters?lol)/(the female main character is the great great great granddaughter of Yuna and Tidus?)

Possible Relationship between FFX and FFXIII - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums


What do people eat in Spira? - Square Forums

I was just replaying one first sequences in the game and on the Al Bhed ship, Rikku gives Tidus some food. But you don't see what he is eating, in fact, it looks like he is eating air.

So I am just curious... What do you think they eat in Spira?

What indeed!

Besides the fruits we see at Seymour's house...

Auron pushes Tidus off on Seymour's house after Tidus sniffs him (because Seymour said Auron smells of the Farplane)

What do people eat in Spira? - Square Forums


How do you beat Beclem Score on FFX2? - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums

SeeDRankLou sez:

1. Try your best not to get hit. The more fiends you kill without getting hit, the higher the Chain Gauge at the bottom goes, which means you get more points. If you get hit, the Chain Gauge goes back to zero.

2. Go to the screen with the waterfalls, go past the first one, and just stick around there for a while and kill fiends.

3. If you have two lupines coming at you at once, don't be afraid to use the Dual Shot ammo, that's what it's there for.

4. Don't waste your time with Shantaks (the flying ones), just use a Death ammo on them.

5. Save one Death ammo for the final screen, there's a YSLS-99 you need to kill.

6. Constantly be pressing the 'O' button until you have a fiend to shoot. You will detect a fiend with 'O' long before it appears on the screen (depending on the screen angle). Also, you can kill a fiend while it's not on the screen. Just make sure you get the ammo if you are low.

7. You can only fire 6 Ammo or Dual Shot ammo at once, and then there will be a small time before you can fire again (think of it as reloading). Don't be afraid to run if a fiend is chasing you during this time, no one will think badly of you.

8. When you have about 40 seconds left, start running for the beach. ...

HELP!, How do you beat Beclem Score? - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums:


E3 2006 - E3 06: Square Enix announces trio of Final Fantasy XIII games - News at GameSpot

E3 06: Square Enix announces trio of Final Fantasy XIII games
[UPDATE 2] Japanese RPG magnate begins a week of E3 festivities with its lavish press conference, bearing the promise of electrifying next-generation development details.

FINAL FANTASY XIII. FINAL FANTASY XIII. They pulled a serious bait and switch on us. Sword-and-gun-wielding heroine who looks like Yuna, flipping her way around a high-tech, futuristic world.


E3 2006 - E3 06: Square Enix announces trio of Final Fantasy XIII games - News at GameSpot


Iris Lyrics - Goo Goo Dolls

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
I just don't want to miss you tonight

Iris Lyrics - Goo Goo Dolls

Some Kind of Monkey...: online ethics (part 1?)

Thoughtfulll essay

While surfing the net yesterday (keyboard firmly planted under my feet as wave after wave of ones and zeros washed over me) I came across a couple of articles written by Ian Shanahan about online gaming and the ethical questions it raises. They're pretty well written (better than anything I'm writing on this site); one's called "Bow, N****r" about what happens when racism enters the virtual gaming community, and another (which I think is a little more thoughtful) called "Posessing Barbie" about issues of age, gender, and intimacy in an online game. The links are there if you want to read the articles (which I recommend). He's got a lot more on his site that I haven't had time to read yet, though I think he's pretty literate for writing about videogames (which tends to be a rarity) so I'm sure I'll read some more in the future.

I've never played either of the games Shanahan mentions in his articles; I don't particularly want to. Yet I think the issues he raises are the natural outgrowth of existing in an increasingly virtual world. The short answer is obvious: "Racists are racists no matter what the forum" or "People manage online interactions the same way they do in real life." But I think that response is a little too easy; it doesn't really interrogate the issue very well. Because the distance (perceived or otherwise) of the virtual community allows people to interact online in ways they never would in real life....

Some Kind of Monkey...: online ethics (part 1?)

design the net: game culture - Ten unmissable examples of New Games Journalism

Possessing Barbie
First published in PC Gamer, Ian Shanahan's follow up to "Bow, Nigger" is another riveting one-on-one online encounter, this time taking place in the morally ambiguous world of graphical chatroom, There.

Dreaming in an empty room: a defense of Metal Gear Solid 2
Written by Tim Rogers, this idiosyncratic 'review' of MGS2 appears on the games site, Insert Credit, and is, according to Kieron, "highly discussed and fairly brilliant".

Shoot Club: Saving Private Donny
his, apparently, is Ian Shanahan's favourite

ZangbandTK: Confessions of a Dungeon Hack
A thoroughly involving PC Gamer piece by Kieron Gillen, which looks into his initial experiences with the Roguelike RPG, ZangbandTK.

The Great Scam
Nightfreeze's epic and highly subjective account of life in the massively multiplayer title, Eve Online, is attracting a lot of interest.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
An example of Edge Magazine's usually excellent Time Extend section.. This impassioned article looks at POP: SOT?s brilliant time-travelling structure

(All 10 links and complete commets at the source)

design the net: game culture