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# Renmiri Says:
March 29th, 2006 at 4:40 pm e

There is actually a backup plugin that comes on WP 2.01 but it is just of the MySQL tables.

A more generic backup plugin is the Export Wordpress plugin available for WP versions 1.5 and lower from Eric Pierce ( ) that exports to Movable Type format. A lot of blogger tools can read this.

I upgraded Pierce’s version to WP 2.0 and also added 2 XML exports, one to plain XML easy to hack to your own XML format and one to WikiMedia XML (I wanted to import Blog entries into my Wiki). You can see it here

Dave’s Wordpress Blog » Blog Archive » More than a common export format


RADIO.BLOG.CLUB - Ghost In The Shell

RADIO.BLOG.CLUB - Ghost In The Shell

Anime Lyrics (.com): Anime Lyrics: Ghost in the Shell: Inner Universe

Angels and demons were circling above me
Breaking the hardships and starry ways*
The only one who doesn't know happiness
is the one who couldn't understand its call

I am Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer...

Anime Lyrics (.com): Anime Lyrics: Ghost in the Shell: Inner Universe


Final Fantasy X - Wikiquote

* This is it. It all begins here. This... is your story.

* It’s alright. It’s been… long enough. This... is your world now.
o last words

Final Fantasy X - Wikiquote


Final Fantasy X-2 Sphere Break Gil Trick FAQ - IGN FAQs

Excellent SB guide and the Gil trick is pretty handy:
You can raise the value of your coins, then sell 90 of them, raise the value, sell...

V. The Sphere Break Gil Trick go to top ^

"It is said that a person skilled at Sphere Break can make a pretty Gil."

I believe that was a line I heard from someone in the game. It inspired me to write this FAQ.

Wish you could be able to buy those awesome accessories? Wish to have 99 or every item available for sale? You can! Pay O'aka's debt, buy accessories until you drop... be economically stable!

[By using the trick] the value of the coin was raised 245 gil. Selling 90 of them generates a profit of 22,050 gil. Not bad, huh?

So what if I try that again tomorrow? Wow, this time I got lucky, and raised the value to 673 gil. Selling 90 of them gives me 60,570 gil!! Wow, this is nice, I'll try it again later. Now, I raised the value to 1000 gil, so selling 90 of them gives you 90,000 gil! Total profit so far? 172,620 gil! As I write this, I've done the trick so many times, my Helm coin is worth 1754 gil. So selling 90 of them gives me 157,860 gil!

This FAQ is the author's gift to all the people who are broke in Final Fantasy X-2 (referred to as FFX-2), but are able to beat the Practice Core Sphere in Luca.

See more at

Final Fantasy X-2 Sphere Break Gil Trick FAQ - IGN FAQs

Official Google Blog: Writely so

Google buys the collaborative writing startup Writely

Official Google Blog: Writely so


Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation

Snif... sooo romantic!

Thanks to Marcelo X for the translation!!!

A little excerpt about "that" last night in Zanarkand

Paine: My friend and I were separated, scattered that night at dusk. Since then, I've endured many long nights...

Rikku: Me, too.

Rikku: You know, for me, it was the first time I saw Zanarkand.

Rikku: I wanted to hold onto that night. I didn't want Yuna to die. That's all I could think about......

Rikku: But then, Yuna, you decided to go on. There was no way I could stop you. It wasn't my place to interfere.

Rikku: What was the point of it all? Thinking and thinking but not understanding......Half of me wanted to cry when I saw the sun rise that day.

Yuna: Yes, I felt the same way.

Yuna: It was my sacred duty, the Summoner's pilgrimage. I didn't know everything about it, but everyone was walking with me. That was...

(Tidus: This may be our last chance? So I want to tell you everything I want to say.)

A little excerpt about Tidus and Yuna's life after FFX2
Rikku: What?

Yuna: Don't you find it magical?

Yuna: I've been away from Besaid too long now. I wonder if he's watching the same sunset...

Rikku: The same......huh?

Yuna: But you know, even though we watch the same things, everyday, it's with a new perspective.

Rikku: Is that sooo?

Yuna: It's just that......nowadays, it hurts to be away from him.

Rikku: Ooohhhhh......


Yuna: Those time when he was gone, my life was so mixed up and lonely.

Yuna: But it all changed in that moment when we came flying back to the island......

Yuna: Now, I'm so preoccupied with him, I wouldn't leave for the world! We've been so happy and peaceful, I feel as though I want time to stand still for us.

Paine: The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh?

Yuna: Vidina's the center of attention right now. Everyday there's something to do.


Rikku: So, you haven't been lonely then?

Yuna: Well, not since he got here.


Rikku: But, I still can't believe how that guy just returned to the island that day! It was so incredible!

Rikku: And the airship almost crashed into him when we flew in, and you just jumped off!

Yuna: Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him...


Yuna: Ah...well...nowadays I'm in the company of a seriously passionate person.

Yuna: I'm so happy, you know?

Paine: Really, that must be why he came back.


Rikku: Going where? Doing what?

Yuna: It's...we...we watch the ocean together. We take lots and lots of walks together, I invent tons of different meals to cook for him...

Marcelo X of WarMECH's Domain

A lot more and very cool pictures at:


YouTube - FFX blooper

I think I found the one and only Final Fantasy X blooper. I got it in one of the japanese interviews of I got from the DVD "The other side of Final Fantasy X-2". In it Lulu and all the gang jump from the ship at the end (instead of just Tidus). Plus some fun with Seymour. Blondie on the soundtrack, edited to fit..First 10 seconds of this video:

YouTube - FFX blooper

UPDATE: No, it's not a blopper :( It is the scene from before the ending when all the gang jumps out to defeat Sin. (I deleted the video, I might repost it later just with Seymour's chasing of Yuna but I need to fix my sound SW. It sounded awful at Youtube)

YouTube - To Zanarkand and love lost

"A small part of the piano soundtrack on FFX opening, with some romantic scenes added. Note Tidus crying and calling Yuna's name in the beginning. That scene was cut from the game.

Oops! No, that is Tidus crying for his dad and saying I hate you... Geez, two bloopers in a row Ren ?

I deleted the video, mostly because the sound was awful. I have to find out what's wrong with my laptop :(

YouTube - To Zanarkand and love lost


Blitzball in the Phillipines: Nautical Angels Underwater Calendar

Free Image Hosting at ImageShack.usDoesn't the image on the left and the images below look just like Blitzball ? But it is not. It is a picture of "underwater Basketball" taken on the Phillipines last December (Kudo's to Aurons Ghost for finding the article and to the photographer for having such a cool idea!)

Anyone for underwater tennis? |
Thursday, December 8, 2005

IT SOUNDED LIKE a dream job in a dream location - a calendar photoshoot by the crystal clear sea in the Philippines....

But this assignment was no ordinary working holiday in the sun. The models had to brush up on their tennis, boxing, basketball and judo skills for this sports-themed shoot.
Then they stayed underwater for up to three hours when taking the plunge for photographer Mick Gleissner. He wanted to combine his passions of diving and photography when asked to create the Nautical Angels calendar for Fashion TV.

The models learnt to keep their eyes open in saltwater without goggles, as well as how to preserve air underwater and when to exhale bubbles. They also wore shoes with lead soles.. The Antwerp-based snapper said: 'Posing underwater produces some of the most visually stunning and surreal images.

Video of underwater basketball and calendar sales at:
Nautical Angels Underwater Calendar 2006 by Mick Gleissner


Meaning and Emotion in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy X:

Gaming is culture. Who knew! :)

Meaning and Emotion in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy X:

Re-Theorising “Realism” and “Identification” in Video Games

A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of

Doctor of Philosophy, Edith Cowan University

Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries

School of Communications and Multimedia

January, 2005

by Glen R. Spoors

300 pages on FFX and videogames

Original (Word) here

Viewable HTML at google cache
Meaning and Emotion in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy X:

Guide: How to Survive in Any RPG from Something Awful

Hillarios! -- Ren

An Overview / Introduction

If it's a console title, the main character WILL ALWAYS have spiky hair of some odd, unnatural color and lug around a humongous, penis-size-compensating sword. The spiky hair helps express how different your character is from everyone else in the game world, without actually being different or making the developers create an interesting character. If the main character is a female, she will limit her wardrobe to clothing which is so tight that it suffocates every single skin pore and melds into her epidermal layer.

If you're playing a pc game, then your main character will be some utterly generic, homogenized boring guy voiced by the same jackass who reads out movie previews...

It's also noteworthy that when a pc RPG employs voice acting, even the biggest and most capable stars lose all talent the moment they step into the recording room. When you hear your character being voiced by Mark Hamill halfheartedly mutter "I can't take any chances, I must track Dorfgannon down before more innocent lives are lost," the sense that he's really thinking "I was Luke fucking Skywalker, I used to bang Harrison Ford and now I'm doing this shit" is frighteningly palpable. If the game is a port from a Japanese title, there's a chance that the English dub may be fatal.

... your evil arch-nemesis is located very, very far away from wherever you live, and the power of his evil minions increase with every step you take towards his goofy floating castle or invisible tralier park of doom. Sure he may have two spike-laced, fire spewing demon overlords guarding his palace doors with automatic plasma gun turrets, but 2,000 miles away and in your town, all he has is a handful of slightly aggressive wasps and a toad that shoots mossy rocks from its mouth.

... At the end of any given fight, a man's first reaction is to place his hands on his hips somberly, while a woman will jump in the air like a cheerleader with her mouth open, clapping her hands or giving a peace sign depending on whether her mood is "ditzy" or "really fucking ditzy."..

Upon beginning your quest, you'll likely find yourself in a quaint town full of people who love it when you casually saunter into their bedroom and start looking through their shelves for items you can steal. Sure they may have been saving up that healing potion to cure their dying son of the dreaded disease AIDSarion, but by all means, if somebody else like you might want it to heal himself after battling a winged elf fairy frog king (weaknesses: lightning, upholstery), it's all yours! Amazingly, their drawers and cupboards are entirely empty aside from potions, gold, and equipment ideal for warriors such as yourself.

... there's always ONE magic tree you can cut down to create a bridge or dam to safely cross the deadly six inch deep abyss full of deadly minnows. Speaking of trees, they often act as impenetrable force fields, somehow growing in perfectly straight lines to constantly block your way, thereby creating labyrinths alongside the highly important boulders and signposts. This explains why nobody except you ever bothers leaving towns in any RPG. If I had to fight off several hundred monsters while nearly braining myself against a magic tree every few feet, I'd stay in town with a shit-eating grin on my face too.

Know Your Enemies

The main villian will invariably have some quality which makes them more human and likeable in the player's mind.. Giving good traits to bad guys and bad traits to good guys constitutes "depth" in RPGs, and you should be very impressed that the bad guy wants to commit genocide because his dog was run over by the king's wagon when he was a kid..

The population of RPG worlds have apparently pushed the local birds, rats, and wombats too far, and they now have no choice but to randomly retaliate against wandering adventurers.. When was the last time anybody had to save other villagers or towns from rat attacks? Where the fuck is Animal Control? Don't towns have some kind of department which travels more than 10 feet outside of the town to make sure there aren't any fire owls waiting to attack?...

Many insects and animals carry around money and other things such as healing potions or magic herbs. They choose to haul these items around with them because the banks in town refuse to open up accounts for "deadly moths" and "some kind of evil wombat-goose creature."..

Something Awful