How I got to be one of the top ranked players in a MMO RTS

Here's how me, someone who never played an RTS before got a crash course on it and got into the top levels of a qualifying round.

I started this neat free online MMO that lets you be a mad scientist and mix DNA. It's kind of a simplified "Impossible Creatures" and the nice thing about it is that it doesn't require you to download anything.

Free + No Download MMO = Win

It is lots of fun, the game lets you mix animals DNA and create your own creatures, just like IC but the mixing is a lot more convincing: It uses a double helix of DNA with 22 genes for each animal and based on those genes you improve the creature's statistics such as atatck, defense, stealing, hunting.... Pretty cool.

The game also has the economy and strategy common to RTSs so you can buy / sell DNA and creatures and you build armies of clones to protect your lab and your Clan. Here's a video I did of the game tasks

Pictures are pretty basic but the whole concept is pretty fun. And addictive!!! The DNA mixer works like a super duper version of those Vegas slot machines where you have to align 3 cherries or 3 lemons except here you have to align 22 slots, in an optimal way to get the stats you want. I spent like 3 days having the time of my life gambling DNA strands :D

I was happy with just making stronger creatures for myself and barely payed attention to the rankings and Clan wars, when I read on a top ranking player's profile an invitation / challenge. He would give 1 billion of the games's currency to anyone who defeated his defense army. Thinking it was a good way to test my creatures and get some game cash I decided to try.

I got creamed but managed to kill some of his creatures. I attacked again with stronger creatures, same result: 10 of his dead, 200 of mine. I tried again same results, then I got a message from him saying he would flatten me because I attacked him. I told him I was just doing what he asked, and he told me his profile was old news so I stopped. I stopped attacking and sold him some game credits so he would get 1,000 turns reclone the 90 creatures of his I had killed, sent him a PM apologizing and telling him about the game credits and went to bed.

To me that was the end of it. It wasn't. Turns out that the guy, Shambert told his cartel (Myrmidons) that "Renmiri flattened me" so when I woke up the next day all my armies were killed, my freezer was back to level 10 from level 20 and so was my mixer. I was unable to do what I like most on the game: mix DNA (Grrr...).

Anyhow, I saw the vicious attack, got pissed and retaliated. I attacked everyone who attacked me but mostly "acidcpc" the one who attacked me most and lowered my freezer and mixer. I killed all his armies and lowered his freezer & mixer 10 levels just like he had done with me, called it even and stopped. I even had a nice chat with another guy from their clan and since he was being nice and only had attacked me like 3 times I asked why did they attacked me out of the blue. I never got an answer so I went to bed, thinking all was even

Big mistake... I woke up and chaos, the boss of Myrmidons was attacking me non stop. I asked why and he told me it was because I attacked acid. I told him acid attacked me first but he wouldn't stop :(

The nice guy from Myrmidons finally answered me that Shambert had told him and acid I flattened his HQ. Acid also wrote me that I'd pay for attacking Shambert and then him. They were also up in arms about me killing all acid creatures and therefore getting two very valuable DNA strands (attackers get DNA of what they kill, a very fun feature). They were worrying in vain, I could not get their prize DNA because after they downgraded my freezer, it was quite full and wouldn't store anything else.

Well, I was not in Wildisle for wars, but because I like to mix. And I had to admit, if I was acidcpc and someone in my cartel came crying another person flattened his HQ I would retaliate and flatten the guy. So I had a choice to try to stop this mess or go on in an all out war because Shambert went crying for mommy after inviting me to attack him. I chose to stop. I cloned a huge army which made their attack force lose 1,500 of their creatures. I then PM'ed Myrmidons boss saying I wouldn't retaliate his last attack if he stopped attacking from now on. He stopped. Peace at last!!!

After all this cloning and battling I climbed a lot in the ranks. I'm 5th (from 75th before) in the scientists and 8th (from 130th) in the military and I went to 29 overall (from 230th). I got a lot of experience battling and now I know which of my creatures are strong which aren't. So in balance it was fun, except for being back to a level 10 mixer and freezer and being unable to mix.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)

WildIsle - Multiplayer Online DNA Mixing & Creature Warfare Strategy Game


Roboguy's guide to making MMORPGs

"You're here because you just asked how to make an MMORPG on a forum, or you asked for a team to make an MMORPG and provided little/no information about your project"
Or "Roboguy's guide to making MMORPG posts"

Disclaimer: I haven't actually made an MMORPG at the time of writing, so I can't claim to be an expert. However, I can provide some help on what to learn and what information to provide to get a team.

If you're here because you asked how to make an MMORPG, read List 1; if you asked for a team, and provided no info, read List 2.

List 1:

* Learn a programming language (such as C++ or Python (which is better for beginners))
* Learn a graphics API (such as DirectX, Win32 + OpenGL, or SDL + OpenGL)
* Make several games using the programming you've learned, including a few networked games and RPG or two
* Once you've done all that (which may take a while), read List 2



OGRE 3D : Open source graphics engine - Home

Over the course of the last 6 years, OGRE has grown to become one of the most popular open-source graphics rendering engines, and has been used in a large number of production projects, in such diverse areas as games, simulators, educational software, interactive art, scientific visualisation, and others - take a look at what others have been saying about it. It's free, so why not try it out?

OGRE 3D : Open source graphics engine - Home

Kaneva and Ogre

It says it's public so I'll paste some of it here. This is cool for a million reasons but my main is: a 3D MMORPG environment that lets you import XML and do your own games ? Woohoo!

Kaneva Ogre XML Importer

* Introduction
* Generate and Import Ogre XML files into Kaneva Game Studio
* Importing Zone Objects
* Importing Actors
* Importing Character Elements
* Ogre Limitations in KGP Beta 2


Kaneva introduces support for the Ogre XML format in the October 2005 (Beta 2) release of the Kaneva Game Platform (KGP). Ogre XML is an open format based on the XML standard and developed by the community around the Ogre 3D open source engine. The format is used to store 3D models, which can be static or use skeletal animation (skinning).

Ogre XML is supported by Kaneva Game Studio for both static and animated models. Models in this format can be easily imported into your game in the same way as models generated with the Kaneva Exporter for 3ds max. In general, Ogre XML files can be imported in place of the .arw, .arb, .dim and .him files generated by the Kaneva Exporter for 3ds max.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to generate models in the Ogre XML format. These include:

* Blender (an open source modeling and animation tool)
* Autodesk 3ds max
* Autodesk (formerly Alias) Maya
* Avid Softimage XSI
* Newtek LightWave
* Milkshape 3D

Importing, exporting, and conversion to or from Ogre XML format is provided with different levels of support for each of these 3D modeling applications. Most of the plugins or conversion tools necessary are provided as open source by different developers and are not supported by Kaneva.

Generate and Import Ogre XML files into Kaneva Game Studio ...

(more at the source)

KanevaEditorXmlImporter < Public < TWiki



2.00 Added a web browser, 4:3 video playback, MP4/AAC playback, and photo transfer support
2.50 Added Locationfree streaming, copyright-protected video playback, and WPA wi-fi security
2.60 Added RSS support and WMA playback
2.70 Added support for Adobe Flash in the web browser
3.00 Added Playstation network/Playstation 3 support and camera support

BBC NEWS | Technology | Three hacker teams unlock the PSP

BBC NEWS | Technology | Three hacker teams unlock the PSP

Three hacker teams unlock the PSP
By Paul Rubens

Sony PSP on display
Hackers break into Sony's PSP to install their own "homebrew" apps
Computer hackers have scored a victory in their battle against Sony and the way the company controls its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld games console.

Sony sells its PSP with built-in software, known as firmware, which controls how the console operates.

The firmware locks many of the PSP's capabilities, preventing enthusiasts from writing their own programs, known as homebrew, and running them on the machine.

It also limits its ability to play some films which are not bought on special Sony PSP disks.

But last month three hacker teams - Noobz, Team C+D, and a group led by PSP hacker Dark Alex - co-ordinating their efforts over the internet, found a flaw in the most recently released version of the firmware - version 3.03.

Unlocking PSPs

Using this flaw they devised a way to unlock all PSPs, regardless of their age or the firmware running on it.

This development has been a cause for celebration in the PSP homebrew community, but caused alarm at Sony because unlocked PSPs can be used to play pirated PSP games.

"The problem experienced here is not with homebrew applications, but with hackers who pirate commercial titles," a Sony spokesperson said.

"Piracy is illegal and we strongly oppose any acts which either aide or profit from it."

But the hackers say piracy is not what motivates their teams to unlock the PSP.

"My aim is to enable as many people as possible to run homebrew programs," said Fanjita, a member of the Noobz team.

He added: "Everyone has the right to do what they want with their own hardware. Piracy does upset me, and because what we are doing opens the way to piracy it's harder to justify it morally.

Sony have never been in touch with me, so I am confident that what we are doing is legal
Fanjita (David Court)
PSP Hacker

BBC NEWS | Technology | Three hacker teams unlock the PSP

IGN: The Future of PlayStation Portable

Over a dozen of the top developers tell us in a huge anniversary blow-out. by Marc Nix US, March 23, 2007 - On March 24, 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment released the PlayStation Portable in North America. At the time, there was nothing but tremendous hope and hype for the system. This was Sony, entering the handheld videogaming market. The first time this company entered a gaming market, Sony not only took over, it completely transformed it -- what was once considered a 'kids' toy' (one that dad would occasionally sneak playtime on) was now the centerpiece of the entertainment area for every family member in every household across the globe. Videogames had evolved, and Sony was there just in time to embody the new generation of videogames, to be the embracing host for this emerging and expanding artform. And now, Sony was going to take that same DNA and form something that gamers and entertainment seekers could take anywhere they go. All this, many thought, might happen all over again...

PSP: Year Three

So, what is the future of PlayStation Portable? On the anniversary of the system's launch, IGN has talked to a number of the top minds and most experienced creators working with PlayStation Portable to ask that question. Sony calls the future of gaming the "Game 3.0" era, and when you read through what they've said, you will know how PlayStation Portable fits into that future.

IGN: The Future of PlayStation Portable