Kaneva and Ogre

It says it's public so I'll paste some of it here. This is cool for a million reasons but my main is: a 3D MMORPG environment that lets you import XML and do your own games ? Woohoo!

Kaneva Ogre XML Importer

* Introduction
* Generate and Import Ogre XML files into Kaneva Game Studio
* Importing Zone Objects
* Importing Actors
* Importing Character Elements
* Ogre Limitations in KGP Beta 2


Kaneva introduces support for the Ogre XML format in the October 2005 (Beta 2) release of the Kaneva Game Platform (KGP). Ogre XML is an open format based on the XML standard and developed by the community around the Ogre 3D open source engine. The format is used to store 3D models, which can be static or use skeletal animation (skinning).

Ogre XML is supported by Kaneva Game Studio for both static and animated models. Models in this format can be easily imported into your game in the same way as models generated with the Kaneva Exporter for 3ds max. In general, Ogre XML files can be imported in place of the .arw, .arb, .dim and .him files generated by the Kaneva Exporter for 3ds max.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to generate models in the Ogre XML format. These include:

* Blender (an open source modeling and animation tool)
* Autodesk 3ds max
* Autodesk (formerly Alias) Maya
* Avid Softimage XSI
* Newtek LightWave
* Milkshape 3D

Importing, exporting, and conversion to or from Ogre XML format is provided with different levels of support for each of these 3D modeling applications. Most of the plugins or conversion tools necessary are provided as open source by different developers and are not supported by Kaneva.

Generate and Import Ogre XML files into Kaneva Game Studio ...

(more at the source)

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