IGN: The Future of PlayStation Portable

Over a dozen of the top developers tell us in a huge anniversary blow-out. by Marc Nix US, March 23, 2007 - On March 24, 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment released the PlayStation Portable in North America. At the time, there was nothing but tremendous hope and hype for the system. This was Sony, entering the handheld videogaming market. The first time this company entered a gaming market, Sony not only took over, it completely transformed it -- what was once considered a 'kids' toy' (one that dad would occasionally sneak playtime on) was now the centerpiece of the entertainment area for every family member in every household across the globe. Videogames had evolved, and Sony was there just in time to embody the new generation of videogames, to be the embracing host for this emerging and expanding artform. And now, Sony was going to take that same DNA and form something that gamers and entertainment seekers could take anywhere they go. All this, many thought, might happen all over again...

PSP: Year Three

So, what is the future of PlayStation Portable? On the anniversary of the system's launch, IGN has talked to a number of the top minds and most experienced creators working with PlayStation Portable to ask that question. Sony calls the future of gaming the "Game 3.0" era, and when you read through what they've said, you will know how PlayStation Portable fits into that future.

IGN: The Future of PlayStation Portable


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