Doing the Llama - Javeline Teleport & Ajax

This is by far the easiest way to use powerful Ajax that I've seen. Javeline teleport rules!

In a few minutes I cobbled up my own version of Arnold's example: Javeline Teleport 2.0 - Hammurabi Demo. I sill have to find out how to send values to the php file though.

To see an explanation of how it works, see:
Arnolds wor(l)ds » Llama explained - Javeline Teleport


DM4 §9: Directions and the map

I wonder why no one has tried IF on php /web yet.... Renmiri

"I wisely started with a map, and made the story fit (generally with meticulous care for distances). The other way about lands one in confusions and impossibilities, and in any case it is weary work to compose a map from a story – as I fear you have found.
— J. R. R. Tolkien (1892–1973), to Naomi Mitchison, 25 April 1954

DM4 §9: Directions and the map:


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"Welcome To Dan's 20th Century Abandonware
Dan's 20th Century Abandonware is a representation of my collection of legacy software, computer systems and memorabilia. There are screen shots, photos, and a wealth of information. Many of the software titles are still used today!"

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