A way to backup your WoW account to your PC

Like get all the gear, toons, mounts pets, achievements.. everything in the armory. Later perhaps backup inventory, bank, vault

I seldom log on to my wow account anymore and may even stop paying the monthly sub but i love to bask o my past glory and see all my imba gear and achievements, my Lich King mount and such. I'd love to look at it even when offline.And let's face it, one day WoW servers will be switched off. This day is coming nearer and nearer. A way to have access to your past glory on Wow would be neat.

Second Life has "Second Life Inventory, an app that lets you backup everything you own on SL. And you you have full mod rights you can even upload stuff to Opensim Grids. Would be nice to have a similar way to backup your WoW life.

Would people buy an app like this ? Don't think so. SL Inventory is sold and sells well but it has the upside of transferring inventory between worlds. WoW backups based on armory info should be free.

A phone app that lets you fiddle with your pets and mounts would be fun. Like adding favorites and sorting them by place it drops (pets ui already does that on wow, but not the mount ui). Sometime to pass time on the train back from work before your raid after dinner.

Ah well, if only I had a "pocket coder" that followed me around coding my wild ideas :p


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