YouTube - FFX at Second Life - Besaid Temple

Temple trials done by FF fan and SL builder bLaZe Hienrichs. I did the Fayth stone. Blue did the Besaid huts. Enjoy!

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YouTube - FFX at Second Life - Besaid Temple


YouTube - Blitzball at Second Life! - Happy 20 years FF!

For those who haven't heard yet, to commemorate 20 Years of Final Fantasy, I have been renting two islands on second life where FFX fans all can RP or just hang out together pretending we are in Spira or Besaid island. And build stuff to make "Spira" come to life in Second Life

And building they - the ff fans - have!!! Little Blue here has an awesome replica of Cid's Airship and Besaid huts. Vincent Thunder of God has been helping us decorate Besaid's paths and walkways while Tabris has decorated the Kilika huts

I myself have done the Kilika huts and got a SL builder to do a summoner dance area for Kilika. But my most recent accomplishment is...

A fully 3D Blitzball!!!

Check it out

How did I do it ?

At first I bought a SL Soccer game someone had it and just put it on a spheric stadium. So it was basically soccer in a pretty sphere. Then I got the guy who built the soccer game to help me get the goals in triangular shape and such so it started to look more like FFX, but still was basically a 2D game in a pretty setting. Lately I have disassembled the entire soccer game and made a spheric stadium so the game turned into a truly 3D game. To make things more interesting I tried to make it all under water but visibility is pretty low so I made the field half water / half airborne.

The last step was tweaking the ball to be anti-gravity and more bouncy so it would truly bounce around all the spheric field. That made hitting the triangular goals next to impossible for me so I made the ball larger. Then flying to ram teh ball was hard because in SL the default flying position is horizontal, i.e. you have only your face to ram it. So I got a hover jet to help me move upright and made it slow motion to allow me more precise movements. And after all that...

Ta-Da!!!!! The game works as a charm

Come and join the fun!!!
Second Life is free to play but requires a relatively new PC (1 year old) and a download. My islands and Blitzball are also free to visit and play (Ignore the Pay Scoreboard message, it isn't necessary). Come see


PS: I need lab mice errr... volunteers, to help me test ways to make the Blitzball game easier. So if you liked Blitzball, come and play!

PPS: A great alternate game, even more fun then Blitzball is to arm a weapon and shoot the ball. It blasts it all over the sphere and it's much easier than to ram the ball with your body. Tons of fun :lol:

YouTube - Blitzball at Second Life! - Happy 20 years FF!


WildIsle - Multiplayer Online DNA Mixing & Creature Warfare Strategy Game Hall of Fame, round 2

Rank Player Cartel Score
1 chaosdrive Myrmidons 14,208
2 DrMoreaux AfterShock 14,195
3 HashBrown AfterShock 14,194
4 Peacemaker AfterShock 14,190
5 frosty [A] AfterShock 14,181
6 Incognito [A] AfterShock 14,180
7 TheJester Myrmidons 14,178
8 void AfterShock 14,172
9 Renmiri Wildmutts 14,172
10 Orca Reign of the Dragons 14,158
11 Shambert Myrmidons 14,147
12 Hudie AfterShock 14,133
13 shatterstone AfterShock 14,129
14 bsk8r The End 14,120
15 Clovis Titans 14,091

WildIsle - Multiplayer Online DNA Mixing & Creature Warfare Strategy Game