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I'm "ghost writing" a blog for Rikku

Ouch! Owee! Got my butt kicked by that blond kid me and Brother rescued the other day. What a meanie!

Did I mention he survived the encounter with Sin ? And on an incredible coincidence, he met my cousin Yuna and joined her party as one of her guardians....

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hi guys, long time no see? hehe sorry just a joke coz i was the one who was vanished. I recently got a 256MB DATA PEN USB for my pc. Something triggered my mind, is there any possible way where i can transfer DATA in my PS2 Memory Card to DATAPEN via PS2USB PORT and then back-it-up to my PC Harddrive?. did anyone ever done this? please let me know and thanks a lot alright fellas?

Ive used a 128MB drive and even my digi-cam to transfer saves using the software.

Action Replay Max is what you need to do it.
It has support for usb mass storage devices.
Have a look on for more info.

hey guys, i got the solution.
go get a ps2
go get a pen drive/usb flash memory stick
go get codebreaker
put in codebreaker
put in pen drive
select device manager on the codebreaker main menu
now you can transfer saves from your memory card to the pen drive
if you want to download game saves off the internet and they're not codebreaker saves, go download a program called ps2 save builder and then you can change the type of the file the save is. like if the save is for AR then open it with ps2 save builder save it as a codebreaker save, then wahlah, you can transfer it on to your pen drive then use codebreaker to transfer it on to your memory card.


FFXII - Mist Quickenings - Limit Breaks

Triggering Concurrences

Concurrences always happen at the end of a Quickening when you reach a certain amount of combos. The combos are based on the number of level 1, 2 and 3 Quickenings. The weakest Concurrence is the easiest to get. You need a combination of three level 1 attacks during a Quickening, on the other hand, the hardest Concurrence to get it Black Hole. You have to get four level 1, four level 2 and four level 3. Some Concurrences are easier to get than other.

Just keep in mind; Concurrences are non-elemental even if the names may sound elemental. Every enemy should be hit by the Concurrence unless they are immune to physical damage.

Concurrence Power Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Black Hole 253 4 4 4
Whiteout 215 3 3 3
Ark Blast 205 2 2 2

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