Roboguy's guide to making MMORPGs

"You're here because you just asked how to make an MMORPG on a forum, or you asked for a team to make an MMORPG and provided little/no information about your project"
Or "Roboguy's guide to making MMORPG posts"

Disclaimer: I haven't actually made an MMORPG at the time of writing, so I can't claim to be an expert. However, I can provide some help on what to learn and what information to provide to get a team.

If you're here because you asked how to make an MMORPG, read List 1; if you asked for a team, and provided no info, read List 2.

List 1:

* Learn a programming language (such as C++ or Python (which is better for beginners))
* Learn a graphics API (such as DirectX, Win32 + OpenGL, or SDL + OpenGL)
* Make several games using the programming you've learned, including a few networked games and RPG or two
* Once you've done all that (which may take a while), read List 2



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