Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation

Snif... sooo romantic!

Thanks to Marcelo X for the translation!!!

A little excerpt about "that" last night in Zanarkand

Paine: My friend and I were separated, scattered that night at dusk. Since then, I've endured many long nights...

Rikku: Me, too.

Rikku: You know, for me, it was the first time I saw Zanarkand.

Rikku: I wanted to hold onto that night. I didn't want Yuna to die. That's all I could think about......

Rikku: But then, Yuna, you decided to go on. There was no way I could stop you. It wasn't my place to interfere.

Rikku: What was the point of it all? Thinking and thinking but not understanding......Half of me wanted to cry when I saw the sun rise that day.

Yuna: Yes, I felt the same way.

Yuna: It was my sacred duty, the Summoner's pilgrimage. I didn't know everything about it, but everyone was walking with me. That was...

(Tidus: This may be our last chance? So I want to tell you everything I want to say.)

A little excerpt about Tidus and Yuna's life after FFX2
Rikku: What?

Yuna: Don't you find it magical?

Yuna: I've been away from Besaid too long now. I wonder if he's watching the same sunset...

Rikku: The same......huh?

Yuna: But you know, even though we watch the same things, everyday, it's with a new perspective.

Rikku: Is that sooo?

Yuna: It's just that......nowadays, it hurts to be away from him.

Rikku: Ooohhhhh......


Yuna: Those time when he was gone, my life was so mixed up and lonely.

Yuna: But it all changed in that moment when we came flying back to the island......

Yuna: Now, I'm so preoccupied with him, I wouldn't leave for the world! We've been so happy and peaceful, I feel as though I want time to stand still for us.

Paine: The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh?

Yuna: Vidina's the center of attention right now. Everyday there's something to do.


Rikku: So, you haven't been lonely then?

Yuna: Well, not since he got here.


Rikku: But, I still can't believe how that guy just returned to the island that day! It was so incredible!

Rikku: And the airship almost crashed into him when we flew in, and you just jumped off!

Yuna: Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him...


Yuna: Ah...well...nowadays I'm in the company of a seriously passionate person.

Yuna: I'm so happy, you know?

Paine: Really, that must be why he came back.


Rikku: Going where? Doing what?

Yuna: It's...we...we watch the ocean together. We take lots and lots of walks together, I invent tons of different meals to cook for him...

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