Illustrated Guide to the world of Spira (FFX and FFX-2)

I have been updating the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 on Wikipedia If you are a fan and have not seen them yet, have a look, particularly on the List of Characters and the Spira pages, it is a treat!

At Wikipedia anyone can edit pages when they see typos or innacuracies or a request for more content. Or just on a whim, but that is not fair to the people that spent hours working and researching pages, so don't! Uploading pictures is also a touchy area because Wikipedia can get lawsuits if a copyrighted work is posted there in a way that does not abide by the Fair Use Law. Being seen by millions of users daily, Wikipedia is looked at with a lot more attention than a lowly user forum frequented by 200 people. Any potential infraction of fair use is a problem and is followed up upon. Very polite "Administrators" send notes to you about it and the offending image may be deleted.

I hope I didn't scare off Wikipedia! People there are very nice to newbies, even if sometimes they are, understandably, pretty protective of the encyclopedia and of the great pages on FFX / X2 that are in there. I had lots of fun posting there and did not have a single offbeat remark aimed at me. I get a lot more heated comments on the FFX forums I'm in!

As a matter of fact,I had so much fun that I decided to put my knowledge of Spira to work for mankind ;-) and the Illustrated Guide to the world of Spira was born

The guide was too in depth for Wikipedia so I posted it on Wikibooks which is similar to it but allows the posters to go into more detail. Have a look, it is shaping up good IMHO

Illustrated Guide to the world of Spira (FFX and FFX-2) - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks


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