Resources for Fan Fiction writers

  1. Japanese Name Gender Finder - Boy or girl? Given(first) name or family(last) name?
  2. Japanese -> English Dictionary (and vice versa)
  3. Japanese English Dictionary(and vice Versa)
  4. AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
  5. Kanji Search - Kanji input
  6. rikaichan: Firefox extension that displays an inline popup showing the English definition of a Japanese word underneath the mouse
  7. • Language Dictionaries (Armenian ASL Avestan Ayapathu Aymara
    Azeri Balinese Bamwe Bantu Basa Basque Belarusan... all you can think of translators)
And finally, to see words to avoid:
The Alternative Dictionaries
a collection of various forms of "bad language" from many languages


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