Map of Spira

Look at how much land is left uninhabited

Tabris asks:
This may be a stupid question, but I am wondering why people didn't move further in to the land.

Why continue to live at the coast when Sin's there? He's a sea monster, and will not pose a threat to anyone living away from the coast

It seems there aren't too many locations suitable for living in Spira. Why ?

Earth vs Spira

Spira's empty areas are not unusual per se, here on Earth you can see vast areas that do have dots, i.e. no one in those areas surfs the web enough to hit this particular blog. At first you can say that the orange circles show non-english speaking communities, but if you look closer you will see the orange areas accurately show the frozen tundra, the Gobi desert, the Amazon, Africa's jungles, Australia's vast semi-arid wilderness... All sparely populated areas, which, as expected, have little web surfing going on

Tha map on the right serves to shows several areas in our own planet that remain sparsely populated in spite of our large population of 4 billion+ and all our modern technology. Note how much the population seems to grow denser near water, i.e rivers, lakes and the coast.. The same happens at Spira

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