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Yevon's week 3, springtime - Diving around Baaj Temple

Well after we found the guy we couldn't just leave him there, although Brother wanted to. Selfish git! Anyhow, it became my task to knock the lad down to make sure he wouldn't be a problem... And in the next day I had to translate Al Bhed to him, to tell him that Brother wanted him to help on our dive. I tell you, I don't know what Brother would do without me! I mean.. he could at least TRY to learn Spiran...

But he won't, he says the Spira girls aren't pretty so why bother ? Sigh... Girls is all Brother, Buddy, Gippal and the other lads think about nowadays...

Me and Tidus - the guy - dove together because that sissy brother of mine wouldn't risk going into an abandoned machina with a stranger in tow... But the stinker was more than eager to risk my hide...

Turns out Tidus was really helpful and we even got to revive the old sunken ship's power source. Dad was all excited when Brother and I told him the details! He thinks that maybe we can get that ship to work again. That would be cool, the thing is huge!!!

Anyhow, I gotta go now, cause no one bothered to feed the guy - Tidus - so the poor lad must be starving. He is kinda cute so I don't mind doing waitress duty. This time!

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