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I was just replaying one first sequences in the game and on the Al Bhed ship, Rikku gives Tidus some food. But you don't see what he is eating, in fact, it looks like he is eating air.

So I am just curious... What do you think they eat in Spira?

What indeed!

Besides the fruits we see at Seymour's house...

Auron pushes Tidus off on Seymour's house after Tidus sniffs him (because Seymour said Auron smells of the Farplane)

What do people eat in Spira? - Square Forums


Anonymous Tabris said...

I have to answer this, since I love these kinds of questions. ;D

I believe fish and other sea food are eaten a lot in Spira. First of all, several of the areas are located near the sea (Besaid, Kilika, Luca etc). In addition, you can see fishing boats in Besaid and Kilika.

Some of the fiends might be edible, but I doubt that. Normally, carnivors are not eaten by man, and it seems to me that most fiends in Spira are carnivors. Maybe they eat some of the birds?

Finally, they probably have some kind of bread, although I haven't seen any fields.

6/22/2006 12:11:00 PM  

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