design the net: game culture - Ten unmissable examples of New Games Journalism

Possessing Barbie
First published in PC Gamer, Ian Shanahan's follow up to "Bow, Nigger" is another riveting one-on-one online encounter, this time taking place in the morally ambiguous world of graphical chatroom, There.

Dreaming in an empty room: a defense of Metal Gear Solid 2
Written by Tim Rogers, this idiosyncratic 'review' of MGS2 appears on the games site, Insert Credit, and is, according to Kieron, "highly discussed and fairly brilliant".

Shoot Club: Saving Private Donny
his, apparently, is Ian Shanahan's favourite

ZangbandTK: Confessions of a Dungeon Hack
A thoroughly involving PC Gamer piece by Kieron Gillen, which looks into his initial experiences with the Roguelike RPG, ZangbandTK.

The Great Scam
Nightfreeze's epic and highly subjective account of life in the massively multiplayer title, Eve Online, is attracting a lot of interest.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
An example of Edge Magazine's usually excellent Time Extend section.. This impassioned article looks at POP: SOT?s brilliant time-travelling structure

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design the net: game culture


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