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ok, so i've started again and am about to blitz un luca for the 1st time. i was wondering which players u wud recommend i recruit afterwards.

Renmiri says:

Shuu for sure. Get Brother as soon as you can. But the real trick is get the Jecht shot. You can win even with original Aurochs after that.

Also, be aware that some players top at certain point and never get past it. Luca players don't go past a certain level so although they are the best in the begining they end up being the lamest after you played a lot.

Invest on evolving the Aurochs. They evolve all the way to level 100

crazybayman says
LW - Tidus
MF - Brother - on the airship
RW Wedge - he's guarding the blitzball stadium entrance
D Kyou - on the bridge in front of Djose Temple
D Ropp - Can't remember off the top of my head
G Miyu - Moonflow, North Bank, in the area before you acquire Rikku

Get Brother. Trust me. Probably the best MF in the game.

This team owns.

However, in Luca, until you get to these places further on in your journey, you can get the following in Luca:

LW Tidus
MF - Zev Ronso slow, but good EN
RW - Wedge
D - Zalitz, go down toward the theatre in Luca, he's sitting down on the catwalk

4evarisha says:
if u can try to get Lakkam or Balgerda.
my players

Kyou or Miyu

Endless Twilight says:
The best team to have just after Luca is

LF: Tidus
RF: Wedge/Shaami (Shaami has more longevity. Wedge only lasts for the first 20 levels)
MF: Zev Ronso
LD: Zalitz
RD: Ropp (He's not in Luca, but he's pretty close)
GL: Jumal

RE: Brother: (Best MF ?) Only up to Lv40 or so. I don't like him - he's too overpowered. (No one can stop him or even catch him at times)

Renmiri says:

Kyou is the guy that looks like Beclem from FFX-2 right ? He is good! And part of my Beclem Fan fiction, so I always have him on my team when I'm not with the full Aurochs... Datto and Jassu reek!!!!

Posted by Endless Twilight:
Yes, Kyou looks like Beclem. He's got high EN and AT and pretty good CA at the lower levels, but his BL doesn't really increase until the mid-high levels. What use is a defender with no BL?"

Blitzball players - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's understood that many of you are unsure where to find Ropp.

I found him yesterday and thought he more more than a little bit AWESOME!

He is found in the firts of the Al Bhed Rin's Travel Agencies. He can be hired after you defeat the Chocobo Eater. He is the man standing behind the bar on the right side. (Not the vendor)

Good luck!

5/03/2008 05:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hm...Tidus is good, but I don't like the fact that he's easy to score with. I don't really like Guado or Ronso, either.

Kyou is amazing, and with Ropp he's unstoppable. Ropp is like a tank, a little slow but high EN and a lot of HP. And the fact that he starts out with Nap Tackle 2 really helps.

For Goalie, I sometimes use Kyou, but if you can get Nimrook or Wedge you may as well forget about the other team scoring.

Midfielder is Letty. He ROCKS! At level 40, his PA is like 45. He's unstoppable, even against Berrik.

For Leftfielder, I typically use Tidus. My Rightfielder choice is Eigaar. He's almost as good (if not better) than Tidus because he can pass.

6/25/2008 09:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linna rocks -she can play at almost every position except goalie(pity that her PH is so low T_T )
Larbeight is pretty good lvl 30+, Navara's block stat is just lovely(+good AT and fast player) and nothing to add about Kiyuri who is also an allaround player

7/22/2008 02:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Blitz Master said...

i like to use tidu, Wedge and brother in my team other than that i use the good old team and i hawe never lost a game (exepte the first one when you first get to lucka)

9/28/2008 06:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah best team is

LF: Wedge
RF: Blappa
MF: Brother
LD: Ropp
RD: Berrik
GK: Jumal

11/13/2008 05:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does the best goalie have Jumal over Nimrook first of all, second, why the hell have Wedge as a Left Fielder, he's good for like the first 10 levels.

11/22/2008 09:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


LF : Tidus
RF: Zazi Guado
MF : Brother
LD : ropp
RD : lakkam
GK : Nimrook

i like to have nedus as reserve when he reaches about level 30 bcoz his speed goes up to 99 once he reaches level 70, very fast player, and have Giera Guado as a spare upfront.

you should try it.

3/16/2009 07:27:00 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

I just started my Blitzball Career, and I have:

LF Tidus
RF Wakka (For Now)
MF Kyou
LD Ropp
RD Jassu
G Jumal

Tidus scores like 5 a game right now for me (lvl. 19) and I just finished my first full season.
Kyou is a tank in the middle, and Ropp doesn't lose a tackle. I dont even get to use Jumal that much in net :)

6/26/2009 06:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my team:


Wedge is so good I get mad at him sometimes for being to good, becuz no matter what i do he almost always finishes each game with at least 20 xp, becuz hes got great tackle, great shot, and great EN...

If brother isnt in your team you deserve to be shot because he is beyond amazing

ATM my goalie actually sucks horribly, becuz the last time she ever SAW a blitzball was like the first league

7/09/2009 08:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan & Albin said...

Hey, Me and my friend has got a blitz team and our players is in bout level 20 or so, but we've got one player that is in lvl 1 and she (NAIDA) doesn't get any xp when we play... Why is that? Thx in advance

8/02/2009 08:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ve played with the originals aurochs and we kicked butts together... they are the best!...

8/25/2009 01:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah best team is

LF: Wedge
RF: Blappa
MF: Brother
LD: Ropp
RD: Berrik
GK: Jumal

11/13/2009 09:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To keep it cool, i have:

Tidus(Learns all techniques)
Wakka(Just for fun)
Brother(Best middle fielder)
Ropp(Best attack as you level up)
Nimrook(Best defender)

7/29/2010 12:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, the best team is actually:

rf: vuroja
rf: nav(ara) guado
mf: tidus (ofc)
ld: judda
rd: kulukan
gk: nimrook

i know i have 2 of the kilika beasts team but they are awesome if you train them up high

8/09/2010 02:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my team is
lw: Tidus
rw: wakka
c: argai ronso
ld: judda
rd: doram

and ive never lost
brothers fast but becomes lowsy later on. i never found wedge as a great accett but to each there own. trust me on the argai ronso he may be slow but his shot is better than tidus , u don't need to be fast when you can shoot from mid field and score

12/10/2010 10:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wedge actually becomes the 2nd best goalie in the game and a little easter egg is that at level 99 keepa has the best shot in the game

3/06/2011 10:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LF: Blappa
RF: Brother
MF: Naida
LD: Balgerda
RD: Kyou
GL: Miyu

I have never lost a game with these guys, at the moment I am 85 and 0. lol

7/23/2011 09:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my team is


the starter team is the best team

1/30/2012 05:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larbeight (Kilika Port, Docks)
Vilucha (Besaid Village, House)
Vuroja (Kilika Port, Docks/ Macalania Temple, frozen road)
Ropp (Miihen Highroad, Travel Agency)
Nav Guado (Guadoslam)
Nimrook (Airship, Corridor)

1/23/2013 03:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive just recently got bk into blitzball, the team i have is pritty much unbeatable

lf tidus
rf wakka
mf blappa
ld doram
gl miyu

6/16/2013 11:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point scoring team
Lf tidus
Rf wakka
Mf argai ronso slow but has big shot
Ld brother fast and has pass and atk
Rd rop
Gl nimrook i think he is the best gl on game

12/14/2013 04:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point scoring team
Lf tidus
Rf wakka
Mf argai ronso slow but has big shot
Ld brother fast and has pass and atk
Rd rop
Gl nimrook i think he is the best gl on game

12/14/2013 04:39:00 PM  

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