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Armed with almost, no exactly NO knowlege whatsoever, I'm trying to install a site meter. Am I correct that one of the plugins is a site meter? I'm trying to install one from, but the only reference to php blogs says I need to find a file "theme.php" I am suspicious that is for NUKE, and not bBlog. Any help with this?

Hijacker answers:

Well, basically the bblog themes are in yourblogdirectory/bblog/templates/lines/ - for the lines templates. the last folder may vary, according to what template you are using. In there you will find several html files. These are the files, where you have to put your sitemeter stuff in.
The ones of most interest to you might be: header.html , index.html and footer.html. I guess footer.html is the one you are searching for. You can place your code in there.

But don't ask me sitemeter relating stuff, I don't know how to deal with it, never used... Probably someone else in here does Wink

bBlog - free php blog script :: View topic - Site Meter: "sitemeter"


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