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Wow! Ryu has just published some great goodies for us FFX and X2 fanatics! Check it out:
**The thoughts that reside in the Dressphere**
Lenne's thoughts remained attached to the songstress dressphere [that
features] the same outfit she wore. 1000 years then passed with this remaining
the case, and then the time of the Eternal Calm arrived for the world, with
the dressphere being discovered and utilized; Lenne's thoughts would then be
imparted to Yuna as she wore it and would occasionally rise to the surface of
her consciousness.

When Yuna attaches the songstress dressphere to her body, little by little
Lenne's thoughts flow into Yuna via the clothing and her behavior begins to
reflect this. When she recovers it in Luca during Chapter 1, she begins to
dance uncontrollably; in Chapter 3, when she meets Shuyin in the abyss of the
Farplane, the thoughts leave her unable to move.....

This kind of phenomenon is only seen in matters concerning Yuna, and the
summoner also shares [with Lenne] that their beloved sweethearts bear
appearances that are much the same, a link [that is] an odd turn of
chance......The truth behind the cause of this link is not certain.

[Analysis: Doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know before.]

Much more at the source!

Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania FAQ - IGN FAQs


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