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Alchemist rules!

Alchemist is my 3rd favorite DS after Mascot (for power) and Dark Knight (for looks and power).

I don't get why people use White Mage after you get Alchemist... Why would anyone use WM in FFX2 ? It doesn't have Holy or Auto Life like in FFX.

Why would anyone prefer White Mage over Alchemist ? (Both fully "loaded")
- WM has no attacks, Alc has a powerful gun attack and can mix many more attacks
- WM only heals or revives one girl at a time, Alc "Stash" heals the whole party with 2,000 points with MegaPotion and revives all 3 of them (even herself if cast at the right time) with a Mega Phoenix.
- Alchemist opens up an incredible amount of full party "spells" like mixing 2 chocobo feathers to get the entire party on "haste". The same goes for attacks, you can mix some pretty nasty bombs and spells that kill all your enemies at once
- WM has less HP than Alchemist
- Alchemist looks cooler!!

Mirage answers

alchemist are indeed good with their unlimited stash with, for instance, mega-potions…. But its kinda irrelevant sometimes, actually. Its good using it (mega-potion stash, for instance) in normal battles but against bosses like those in the Via Infinito, we have no time (depending of course) to wait for the long wait time of the ‘stash’ ability so we just use regular items most of the time… with less 80% of the time of course, lol.
So what I mean is, that the white mage DS cant really be compared with alchemistmist when it comes to comparing the white magic and the stash ability since this last one takes too much time to load and thus, we’ll only use tabilitiesities in battle that require less speed and it becomes kinda limited when it comes to tough battles. White magic with the proper abilities/GG/whatever is really fast to do and restoration-wise,alchemistemist only beats the WM when it comes to the usage of regular items becauses its faster =\...although only with the 80% less wait time auto ability.

But yeah, of co alchemist in most aspects beats white mage, its just there are people like me who feel pain everytime they have to use an item and have to abide the 99 quantity of each item =P I cant stand using ethers, nor mega-potions or elixirs, etc >.< I just use both DSs, lol. MIX = double the pain x_X


Rikku's star answers

Alchemist because if you use a holy water and a fire,water, ice or lightning gem you get 10,000+ damage.

KOFF answers

Having a mix of the characters would be an idea (I mean having 1 as WH and one as Al *winks to someone* XD )

It's hard to choose... Mirage kinda stated the reasons :/

Alchemist or White Mage ? - Square Forums


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