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SeeDRankLou sez:

1. Try your best not to get hit. The more fiends you kill without getting hit, the higher the Chain Gauge at the bottom goes, which means you get more points. If you get hit, the Chain Gauge goes back to zero.

2. Go to the screen with the waterfalls, go past the first one, and just stick around there for a while and kill fiends.

3. If you have two lupines coming at you at once, don't be afraid to use the Dual Shot ammo, that's what it's there for.

4. Don't waste your time with Shantaks (the flying ones), just use a Death ammo on them.

5. Save one Death ammo for the final screen, there's a YSLS-99 you need to kill.

6. Constantly be pressing the 'O' button until you have a fiend to shoot. You will detect a fiend with 'O' long before it appears on the screen (depending on the screen angle). Also, you can kill a fiend while it's not on the screen. Just make sure you get the ammo if you are low.

7. You can only fire 6 Ammo or Dual Shot ammo at once, and then there will be a small time before you can fire again (think of it as reloading). Don't be afraid to run if a fiend is chasing you during this time, no one will think badly of you.

8. When you have about 40 seconds left, start running for the beach. ...

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