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As a mom I much prefer that my kids play video games than watch TV, if you chose each game they play with care, let me tell you why.

First, the ratings WORK on video games, Rated PG games have no sex, no violence, period. I've had a lot of bad surprises with TV movies rated PG.

Then there are NO commercials in video games. No one is selling barbie stuff and junk food like candy to your kid.

Plus video games are interactive, they require thought, action, perseverance.. Not passive couch potato stuff at all!

Also, my 5 year old needs a bit of small motor skill practice, so VG controls give him that without putting playdough on my carpet or letting him cut daddy's work magazines. VGs also give excellent hand/eye coordination to my pups and prepare them to be good at computers.

VGs are the only place I can be sure about what they are watching. All the other kid shows have girls and boys having crushes for each other, violence, bullies, etc.. On VG the bullies get what they deserve.

My kids and I can follow stories, it's be fun to "take trips to Spira" or to Yoshi's island as a family or on a "mom & kids adventure" and we don't spend a cent on trinkets, nor they get ink, paint and processed fat to eat as they would at McD.

After my kids grew out of Barney and Teletubbies, the PBS stuff just doesn't cut it for them, but I can still have them learn to share, help each other and be friendly and all that stuff that parents want to teach their kids, if I chose carefully what VG they play.

Those are just my thoughts anyway... Suffice it to say, me, hubby and my kids have lots of fun with Video Games!

Videogames Pwn Movies - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums


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