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I I worked on the scenario for Final Fantasy VII and VIII and I’ve always been concerned with the relationship between the main character and player. I’ve wanted to transform that relationship into something new. For VII, the character was subdued so I tried to make it so that the player could imagine what was going through the character’s mind. For VIII, the character is also reserved, but I tried to get the player to feel closer to the character by having him disclose his feelings although the surrounding people couldn’t hear his thoughts. This time, by having the character reflect on the past, we have two facets to the character; a character who moves through the game as well as a character who reflects on the past. The player is in a completely different world. I wanted to do something different; something opposite of what I’d been trying to do in the past, where I tried to establish a connection between the player and the character.

Whether Sin represents something… hmm…Well, if I were to exaggerate, I would compare it to the obstacles presented in life and giving up without overcoming them when they’re placed directly in front of you.
This, of course, is different for each person, but it can be compared to something along those lines. When explaining this to people, they say it’s easy to understand when the analogy is made to a typhoon. In a deeper sense, I’m sure it can be compared to a typhoon

The Creators


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