Play Spherebreak online at Triple Triad Extreme: Dark Wind

Sphere Break in Dark Wind will be a multiplayer game that centers around mental accuracy and speed.

To win, you must beat your opponent to a specified score (50-100 points) or have the highest score when both of you are frozen. When you are frozen, this means you can make no other moves or combonations. Or, you chose the wrong coins (you can't deselect, just like the original) and because you cannot make any moves, the timer runs out and you are frozen. You may also be frozen if you reach the maximum turns allowed. This puts more emphasis on making each turn count, point wise.

The time per turn, the amount of points to win (AKA: limit break), and the amount of maximum turns allowed may be specified for each game by the table maker. This puts a variety of style into Sphere Break.

Triple Triad Extreme: Dark Wind - Support spherebreak


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