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A new member at my forum is writing Lulu's story, in irst person narrative, as a blog. Have a look, it rules!! :D

Final Fantasy Project / Sin's Dawn - Lulu's Journal

Guardian's Journal, Day 41, Year 8 of Braska's Calm

Today we ran into several basilisks. I am so grateful for Lady Ginnem's preparations; otherwise our journey would have been brief. Of course, she is quite familiar with these creatures, since this is her home territory. She wears a certain ring to protect herself from their sinister gaze. I am not so fortunate, but we had discussed what to do should we run afoul of them. I soon learned to recognize the rattle of their breath and fling myself into the nearest crevice behind her. It is a nuisance trying to cast at what one cannot see! The moreso since basilisks tend nest in a most disagreeable form of plantlife, one that bites back! Spira is full of so many wonders, not all of them delightful. I don't know whether the scent of scorched serpent or blasted fungus is worse. I had one fright early on -- despite our caution, I was caught rounding the spur of a cliff, frozen in my tracks until Ginnem loosened the spell's hold with her own magic. A few times I found myself having trouble chipping away at the Fiends we came across, especially those squat round ones with the hard shell, so Ifrit and Valefor also had a good work-out today. I am glad Ginnem warned me that most of the Fiends on this stretch of road are inured to lightning.

And if all that were were not enough of a challenge, just after we finished off the basilisk that had pinned me with its eye, Lady Belgemine stepped out from who knows where and hailed us. Belgemine! Lady Ginnem has mentioned her once or twice as a helpful teacher, but I had assumed Ginnem meant someone at the temple and had let her name slip my mind. Now I'm not quite sure what to think. According to my mistress, Belgemine is a failed Summoner who shares her store of experience with others. I cannot doubt she is a Summoner after today's demonstration, and yet: if she's comfortable prowling the Djose Highroad without any Guardians, I cannot understand why she was unable to reach Zanarkand.


Anonymous auronlu said...

Awwww. Thanks so much Ren!

(Note: I just had yet another obsessive compulsive fit and polished the prose of that entry a bit, although it's probably not anything anyone would notice ;) )

11/22/2006 07:26:00 AM  

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